Command Guide

Evercraft Command Guide | by: Uncle Vicster | version 0.9
   I. Introduction to Evercraft.
/sb on — This will toggle on your SuperBar. First things first. SuperBar allows you to see your coords, money, and more, all in one helpful HUD.
/sb off — Sometimes you might now want this on, such as during videos/screenshots.
/match — Join the queue for a 1v1 scrimmage PvP match. Do not do this if you have anything in your inventory because it will be deleted. The fight will begin with both players being fitted with Chain Armor and an Iron Sword. After the fight, the winner will get to keep an Iron Sword.
/kit — Make sure to grab the top one if it’s your first time playing Evercraft.
/mymoney — Shows you how poor you are. But don’t worry, some day you will be rich!
/mystatus — Shows your money as a percent of the total economy. Probably very small right now. More information may be queried by /mystatus in the future.
/pay <player> — Might as well start out with
/pay “Uncle Vicster” which brings me to a point about names with spaces. Always wrap them in quotation marks.
/seemoney <player> — Go ahead and have a look at
/seemoney “Uncle Vicster” and you will notice there are probably people that need money more than me.
/topmoney — Shows the top 5 largest bank accounts. To see additional pages type
/topmoney 2 and so on. /profile <player> — Shows a little information about a player, such as Name, Rank, Money, Faction, Date Started, and Last Seen Date.
/chpwd <old password> — Maybe you don’t think the password you set is secure. This prompts you to enter a new password, confirm the new password, and then saves your new password.
     II. Getting Around the Eververse.
/warp — Shows a list of all available warp destinations.
/warp <location> — Warps you to any of the available warp destinations.
/home bed — You set your home by sleeping in a bed. You warp back with this command.
/wild — Go to a random (and usually safe) set of coords.
/tpa <player> — Request that the indicated person allow you to teleport to them.
/tpahere <player> — Request that the indicated person teleport to you.
/tpaccept — Accepts another player’s /tpa or /tpahere request that was sent to you.
/tpdecline — Declines aforementioned request.
     III. Making Your Claim.
/landsell <here | land ID> — Sells the claim you are standing on (here) or that you indicate (land ID) for half of what you paid for it.
/startp — Begins the land purchasing process by setting the start point in the first corner you’ve chosen.
/endp — Continues the land purchasing process by setting the end point in the adjacent corner.
/land buy — Ends the land purchasing process by agreeing to pay the displayed amount for the land.
/land list <page> — Shows a list of land in the order that it was purchased.
/land here — Shows the land number and owner of the land that you are currently standing or flying over.
/land invite <land ID> <invitee> — Invites indicated player to indicated land.
/land invitee <land ID> — Shows the list of players that have been invited to the indicated land.
/land give <land ID> <player> — Give the indicated land to indicated player.
/land whose <keyword> —Queries a list of land claims.
     IV. Starting Your Own Itemcloud Inventory & Player Shops.
/itemcloud register — You MUST use this command before using the service.
/itemcloud upload <item ID/Name> <count> — Uploads indicated items into your account.
/itemcloud download <item ID/Name> <count> — Downloads indicated items from your account.
/itemcloud list — Shows the list of all items in your account.
/itemcloud count <item id> — Shows your item count of specific item.
/pshop create <item> <amount> <price> — Once you’ve done this you will be prompted to tap a sign. Make sure you have a sign ready with the proper description before you do this step. Tap the sign and your Player Shop will be created! Now your money account will be paid instantly when someone double taps your sign and the respective item that has sold will be removed from your Itemcloud.
     V. Starting or Joining Factions.
/f accept — Accept most recent pending Faction request.
/f create <name> — Create a faction.
/f del — Delete your faction.
/f promote <player> — Promote member to Officer.
/f demote <player> — Demote Officer to member.
/f deny — Deny pending faction request.
/f help — Shows a list of all Faction Commands in game.
/f info — Shows info about your Faction.
/f info <faction> — Shows info about indicated Faction.
/f invite <player> — Invite indicated player to your Faction.
/f kick <player> — Kick indicated player from your Faction.
/f leader <player> — Transfers leadership of your Faction to indicated player.
/f leave — Leaves your current Faction.
/f sethome — Set Faction Home.
/f home — Warp to your Faction Home.
/f unsethome — Unset your Faction Home.
/f ourmembers — Shows Members & Statuses.
/f ourofficers — Shows Officers & Statuses.
/f ourleader — Shows Leader & Status.
/f allies – Shows the Allies of your Faction.
/f desc – Allows you to quickly type your Faction Description.
/f allywith <faction> — Send an Ally request to indicated Faction.
/f breakalliancewith <faction> — Ends the Alliance with indicated Faction.
/f allyok — Accepts pending request for Alliance.
/f allyno — Denies pending request for Alliance.
/f allies <faction> — Shows the allies of indicated Faction.
/f membersof <faction> — Shows the Members of indicated Faction.
/f officersof <faction> — Shows the Officers of indicated Faction.
/f leaderof <faction> — Shows the Leader of indicated Faction.
/f say <mesage> — Preface messages with
/f say to send a Faction-only message that will not show up in server chat.
/f ac — Sets your chat to Allied Chat where what you communicate will not show up in server chat.
/f topfactions — Shows you a list of the Top Factions.
     VI. Pets!!!
/togglep all — Toggles your pet(s) on and off.
See Evercraft Pets Guide below for more information.
     VII. So You Think You’re a Bounty Hunter?
/bounty set — Set a Bounty on players head with a minimum amount of $10,000.
/bounty list — Shows a list of players with bounties on their heads.
/bounty del — Take your bounty off a players head.