Today, December 7th, is finally here! Now we can all finally start building homes, rallying factions, harvesting farms, and conquering the economy without having to worry about it all being erased. Evercraft’s mantra from this point forward is to “Never Reset!” Big thanks to everyone who participated in the closed alpha and open beta tests, and an extra special thanks to Wrongporupine, Loading182, and Kalanyon for helping build Evercraft into what it is today. But this is just the beginning! Everyone will continually build and transform the Evercraft landscape!

So what is launching?


Two servers; the Neververse (what you’ve been playing in alpha & beta) and Eververse. The Neververse is our free server and the Eververse is our premium server. Here’s a quick comparison of the two servers:

Never Resets
Open World
Flying Survival
Land Claiming
Factions with Alliances
1vs1 Arena Duel
Pets PVP
Huge Mall for Buying AND Selling Items
Player Shops
Vanilla Enchantments Shop
Custom Enchantments Shop
Vote (
Chat to Discord

Please consider supporting our servers by visiting the store and purchasing Evercraft Plus to gain access to the Eververse. Please note, than anything done on either server does not transfer to the other server. For example, if you build a home in the Neververse then purchase Evercraft Plus, a copy of your home will not exist in the Eververse.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go get out there and start building!

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