We’re pleased to announce Evercraft’s alpha test of the Neververse! You’ll experience what it’ll be like to play Evercraft’s free world, the Neververse. Here, you’ll be able to PVP with friends, kill eachother’s pets, claim land, shop at the emporium and more! You’ll be given $100,000 in this alpha to play around with. The alpha testing of the Neververse will last approximately two weeks then shortly thereafter it will be overwritten by a newer world with more features and builds for beta. The only thing that will live-on in future versions of the Neververse (and Eververse) will be your free Vex Pet that you’ll be instantly rewarded as a “thank you” for playing the Neververse Alpha.

Like most alpha phases for any product development, the goal is to ‘move fast and break things’. Please talk about any bugs, feedback, or features in chat, as it will be monitored and recorded in Discord.

Well… what are you waiting for?! Go to the store then use your invite code at checkout to get your everlasting Vex pet and start testing the Neververse!


More on Evercraft:

Evercraft features two Minecraft worlds; the Eververse and the Neververse. These worlds are flying-survival worlds that feature a massive economies, a huge mall (emporium), player-created shops, vanilla enchantments, custom enchantments, pets, PVP, kits, land claiming, factions and more!

The Neververse will be free, but players’ land ownership will expire on the first day of each month. Players of the Neververse can then reclaim their land or perhaps try their hand at claiming somebody else’s land! Upon launch, players of the Neververse will also be able to purchase cosmetic items on the Evercraft Store, like pets, hats, and colored names!

The Eververse will require a subscription to access but features everlasting land ownership and pets that cost in-game money rather than real-life money. Also, pet’s can PVP in the Eververse! Eververse subscribers will also have a special blue “Ever” tag next to their name and blue chat in both worlds!


Evercraft monetization mission explained:

Why are we separating this into two different worlds? One word, “monetization.” We want to monetize the server in every way possible that doesn’t involve a pay-to-win scenario. To prevent monetization from taking the fun out of the game, we’ve created two worlds to remove all of the pay-to-win possibilities, while still having monetization sources that don’t ruin the game for free players. Yeah, we could sell pets that PVP, but then the person with the most real-life money is the best PVPer. And that’s no fun! This is why pets are only cosmetic on the free server. What’s more, charging for access to the Eververse allows every player in that world to have the same paywall and thus all the same features. You can’t pay-to-win in either worlds.


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