Neververse open beta has begun! Thanks to your feedback during the alpha test there have been numerous fixes and features added:

  • Emporium
    • Bounty NPCs
      • Now have a nice little home inside the Emporium
      • Changed Cookie Chris’ name to Cookie Chloe
      • Cookie sales have been reduced by 1/8th.
        • Developer note: I did not realize that crafting a cookie, crafted 8.
      • Bulk selling stands have been added to bounties
    • Hay Sell Shop has been closed for cookie bounty
      • Developer Note: I realized you could craft wheat into hay, but not hay into wheat.
    • Armor Sell Shops have been closed
      • Developer Note: Critical bug in current version of software allows selling equipped armor infinitely
    • Nomad Norman has set up camp outside the Emporium, Buying and Selling the coveted Elytra.
    • Ender Chests have been added to the Emporium
    • Bobbing ItemDisplayers have been removed to reduce lag
  • Enchantments added
    • Vanilla Enchantment Shops
    • Custom Enchantment Shops
  • Pet Shop has been added
    • Functional but unavailable to testers
    • Only people with pets would have participated in Alpha
  • New Factions Plugin
    • Alliance System
    • Power System
  • Kits
    • Daily Kit
    • Holiday Kit
  • Vote
    • Vote reward $2,500 per list
    • 3 lists
  • Boutique Beach
    • New build area for Player Shops
    • PVP protected
  • Numerous other bug fixes and tweaks.


Thank you to those who participated in the closed Alpha. Welcome to all the new comers who will join us over this short, week-long open beta test, before our release expected on December 7th! Please post your feedback using in-game chat. Everything is recorded in our console logs and can also be viewed on our discord.

Reminder: Just like alpha, everything will be overwritten by a newer world when we launch on December 7th. Then there will not be anymore overwrites!

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