Pets Guide

Evercraft Pets Guide | by: Uncle Vicster | version 0.9

Introduction to the Pets Guide

This guide is not designed to tell anyone the stats, strength, experience rates, or growth rates of pets. It’s not to explain pet types, damage, speed, or battle strategy. This guide is made specifically to address how to keep your pets from getting lost and from dying and never respawning. Everything I know about keeping pets around will be included here and as I learn more, and the Pets plugin is updated, I will also update this guide.

  1. How To Lose Your Pets

I know of several ways to lose my pets. I also know how to keep them. To know how to keep your pets around you should first understand the ways in which they can get lost.

  1. If your pets die at Location A and then you move to location B before they respawn, your pets may be lost.
  2. If you try to mine with your pets, they may suffocate to death. If you continue mining and move far away before they respawn or if you /warp somewhere, your pets may be lost.
  3. If you /togglep all your pets off at Location A and then /warp or fly far away to Location B, your pets may be lost.
  4. If your pets get stuck underground, in a wall, or behind something, and you /warp far away, your pets may be lost.
  5. If you have two of the exact same type of pet and one or both die, one may be lost.
  1. How To Find Your Pets

If you have done one of the 5 things above, there are ways that you can “find” your pets. Try one of these before you request a MOD to respawn your pet for you.

  1. Go back to Location A and your pets should be there waiting for you and fly towards you as soon as you load that chunk. If that is not working, try “/togglep all” a couple times to see if that works. If not, ask a MOD to respawn your pets.
  2. Go back to your mine and as soon as you load the chunk where they suffocated they should swim through land faster than Chuck Norris and fly to you. If that is not working, try “/togglep all” a couple times to see if that works. If not, ask a MOD to respawn your pets.
  3. Check all the places you could have toggle your pets off at. Try your bed, your /f home, /f shop, and any other place you can think of. If you load the chunk you toggled them off at, they will fly to you. If not, ask a MOD to respawn your pets.
  4. If you know where your pets may have gotten stuck, go back to that location. If they are still stuck, fly away from them slowly in different directions and they will quickly “banjo” towards you and be unstuck. If still lost, ask a MOD to respawn your pets.
  5. You can have two of the same pets but it’s going to be a pain for you. If you must have two of the same, try having one a baby version. Baby pets can be purchased if you go to the Pet Shop, walk to the back, and climb down the ladder to the Baby Pet Store.

III. Best Practices to Keep Your Pets From Getting Lost

In conclusion, let’s look at ways to keep our pets from getting lost in the first place. I’ve managed to learn how to keep my two huge Ender Dragons around. You can keep your pets around if you learn how to apply these best practices.

  1. Keep track of your coordinates when you are fighting. It is likely that your pets will be killed in battle. You may have to go back and get them if they die in battle and you are chased off or killed yourself.
  2. Don’t mine with your pets. That’s just asking for problems. Before you mine, go to a location far away like “/warp shop” and “/togglep all” your pets off. Then /warp to your preferred mining location and your pets will be safely left behind. They will automatically respawn as soon as you go back to where you toggled them off, so keep that in mind. You will have to “/togglep all” twice to get them to toggle off again.
  3. If you are raiding or exploring far away, don’t toggle your pets off there and then warp home. They will be lost. I don’t explore with my pets on. I don’t do any espionage with my pets on. I leave them behind like when I’m mining. But when I’m ready to raid, I will toggle them off at the raid location and then hide until the fighting begins. Then I will toggle them on and fight. I’m always aware of my coordinates so that I can go back and get them if they die and I must leave before they respawn. I will have to go back and get them.
  4. If you have your pets on, don’t warp until you are sure they are hovering above you freely. Do you care about your pets? If you do, pay attention to them. Making sure they are hovering above you before you warp is a best practice that will keep you from losing your pets over and over.
  5. Don’t buy two of the same exact pet. As I’ve stated before, technically you can, but you may constantly lose one. Try having one adult and one baby version if you must have duplicate pets.
  6. Don’t /wild with your pets toggled on. That’s just asking for trouble. Toggle them off at /warp shop or /home bed and then go for it. And as always, before you /warp anywhere or /wild anywhere, check to see if your pets are hovering above you. If they are not there and they should be, backtrack and find them. If they are there and they aren’t supposed to be, go toggle them off where you want to leave them.

Pet behavior is very predictable if you understand this information. The resounding principle here is that if you are losing your pets a lot, you are actually just leaving them behind a lot. They will be lost in that chunk wishing their owner would come back within sight. They will wait there forever like Charmander, even if you are a terrible pet owner. If all else fails, have a MOD respawn your pets and try harder to pay attention to them so you don’t leave them behind anymore.